To The Future!

Hello to my followers/visiting bloggers/friends,

This week has been the most challenging but rewarding week! I love the fact that I can see my progress through the check box feature on the StudyDesk. It really gives me a sense of accomplishment when I can see a row of ticks in my Learning Path.

I have been viewing other students websites for inspiration before writing my third blog for this week. I have just finished reading a wonderful piece written by Laurenn, I absolutely love your work! You can check out her blog here:

Her main topic on a particular blog post is ‘The Power Of Positive Thinking’. I absolutely loved reading your article and your ideas that you have put forward!! She writes how it is important to have a positive mindset while learning to integrate ICTs into our future classrooms. She quotes:

“How can I ask students to broaden their thinking, try new things, go out of their comfort zone physically, emotionally and mentally if I refuse to do the same?”

While reading Laurenn’s article, I had a lightbulb moment! I thought to myself, if I do not have a positive attitude towards ICT and new pathways of learning, I am going to unintentionally create a ‘can’t do’ atmosphere when it comes to student’s using ICT tools in my classroom. I have taken it upon myself to open my mind to different ways that I can positively integrate ICT into my future classroom to give my students the best opportunities to learn.

Now that I am thinking of different ICTs, I wondered where it had all started. I researched the history of technology in classrooms and I found this great picture on Pinterest:

history of technology

It shows how technology has progressed within the classroom from the chalkboard in 1890 to the millions of educational apps today. Education and ICT together have come a very long way. To think that I was in grade four when YouTube became available!! It astonished me. As I was reading through the history of technology in education, I started thinking about the future!! Now, you are about to get really #EXCITED!!

I may be in the classroom for the next ten, twenty or thirty years, what’s next? I found this video on YouTube which displays a range of new technologies that are planned to be integrated into the everyday classroom. I must say, I am really looking forward to the next step of ICT in education!  It seems that children are collaborating with people from around the world and every student has access to personal devices, interactive tools and new technologies. Teachers will be changing their pedagogies to suit this form of education as there are so many more opportunities for student centered learning, deeper thinking and more avenues of information all using various ICTs, the list goes on!! I really encourage you all to watch these two short videos to see the future in education, you won’t be disappointed. The videos can be found here:

The future of education is technology!! I can’t wait to be apart of this aspect of teaching!! #tothefuture

Thank you for reading my post!

Until next time, Brendan


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