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No Time for Smart Watches in Education

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Now, in light of recent events I would like to write a blog post about the Apple Watch. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc. officially announced their new timepiece which will be available in Australia later next month. I was very interested in this new device as it is one of the first of its kind. The watch has a range of features to socially connect to your friends and is advertised as an active health companion. It is quite exciting, but it comes at a price – the cheapest Apple Watch Sport is selling for AU$499 and the most expensive Rose Gold Apple Watch Edition is selling for AU$24, 000 – Yikes! #poorlife

This new device is said to be very beneficial for the user, technologically and health related, but I can see that it may lead to problems in education. It has been reported that educational institutions such as universities and high schools are already altering their policies to ban students not only wearing the device, but all watches in examinations.

As this new piece of technology communicates with other people, can store information and has the ability to search data, it is yet another avenue in which students may try to ‘cheat’. A push for a total ban is imminent as it may become difficult to verify if students are wearing a smart watch or a regular timepiece. The independent reports

“Since university invigilators wouldn’t be able to check all of the watches of every student in a large exam hall… City University has already moved to ban the watches” (Griffin, 2015).

In your classrooms, would you consider banning all students from wearing a watch when completing assessments? What are your thoughts? It will be quite interesting to see how this issue will be monitored in educational systems in the future.

Apple Watch

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