Education in the 21st Century

Hi Everyone,

It has almost been an entire week since my weekly poll has been published. The question for this week was ‘Could you live without ANY ICTs for an entire week’. The results are in!! It looks like it is 50/50!! 50% of people said they could and 50% of people said they could not. This is quite surprising, I expected that many people would have said they could not live without ICTs for an entire week, myself being one of them.

The main idea that I wish to discuss on my blog this week is that as teachers, we will have to prepare our students for the future and teach them skills for jobs that haven’t even been created yet, most of which are created due to the advancement of technology.

The AITSL have uploaded a video to YouTube discussing the 21st Century Education. They propose that:

“In South Korea, schools are switching to digital textbooks so students can study anytime and anywhere”

“In Denmark, students are using the internet while taking exams”

“In the USA, ultra-personalised learning approaches allow students to create their own individual schedules of their interests to generate playlists of learning options”

“In Australia, schools are pushing learning beyond school walls, where internships with local organisations are a fundamental part of each students learning plan”

The world leaders and educators know that a change is imminent and most countries are bridging their traditional resources and techniques to more technological and e-learning pathways, all to ensure their students are ready for future workplaces.

You can view the video here:

Another point of view has been put forward in this YouTube clip. Reinforcing that technology is now being used by people of all ages and education is being altered to suit this change. It states that:

“By 2020: blackboard, textbooks, cd’s, lockers and report cards may be obsolete”

Another astonishing statistic was put forward that:

“We have students who can type 60 words per minute…. In grade two!!!” I know when I was in grade two, I could barely use a mouse!

Furthermore, considering how the world is changing due to technology, this video reports that:

“The top 10 jobs today didn’t exist in 2004”. That is only eleven years ago and to think that in such short time the business industry can be revolutionized.

These statistics really enforce to me how important integrating ICT is in education. Not only are students knowing and doing more with technology, we need to learn how to give our students the best education and cater for their needs in the twenty first century.

I hope you have enjoyed watching the videos. They really put this integration in perspective and make you think how you as a teacher can make a different to your future students.




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