Is Technology Making Us Antisocial?

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What a week!! I found myself struggling to complete the necessary work within a few days, but I have finally caught up *insert fist pump here*. I have just finished reading Tegan and Brittany’s blog posts in which they both talk about the subject: Is technology making us antisocial? This is a very contemporary issue in which everyone will have different perspectives, mainly due to their own beliefs and uses of technology. Both Tegan and Brittany have provided different viewpoints on this topic. Brittany states that:

“I think technology is becoming easier and easier thus resulting in antisocial behaviour.”

Whereas, Tegan states that:

“I feel like technology has allowed me to be more social! Technology has also made social interactions easier.”

I can’t help but agree with both sides of this argument. Reflecting on my own technological uses, I find that technology may be a type of distraction for me, particularly at family times. For example, at dinner time when everyone is sitting at the table, I may be inclined to quickly reply to a message, or check a Facebook notification, but I highly doubt that doing this would deem myself to be ‘antisocial’.

In the Did you Know? video on this week’s learning path, a variety of technological facts appears throughout the video arguing the fact that society is changing. The video displays that:

“Today’s 21 years olds have: Watched 20, 000 hours of television, played 10, 000 hours of video games, talked 10, 000 hours on the phone, And they have sent/received 250, 000 emails or instant messages”.

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I for one am not a fan of having 20, 000 hours of my life wasted watching television. But on the other hand, how many conversations have started from a hilarious television show or movie? How many times have you made new friends finding out that you have similar tastes in series? I have made quite a few life-long friends, all because we found out that the friends series was our favourite show.

Another statistics that struck me was that:

“The number of text messages sent and received TODAY exceeds the population of the PLANET!!!” #holywow

I highly doubt people could be deemed anti-social if the number of text messages sent today, outnumbered the total number of people on the planet. We are all interlinked and communicating, just in non-traditional ways. Our society is changing and we have to embrace the age of technology.

The argument for technology is that any one person has numerous devices at their fingertips to communicate with others. It is in my opinion that technology has aided people in communicating with more people, but may have taken away some of our face-to-face skills of socialism. This can also be an example of the Postman’s Five where technology is always a trade-off.

I think a perfect idea where technology could deem humans antisocial in the future if we look at the Disney favourite Wall-e. In this movie, we see more of a human dystopia where people are terribly obese, haven’t moved in centuries and rely on specific robotics to carry out everyday tasks. The only communication that people have is through computer screen in front of their faces. If this was ever to happen, I would definitely question the concept of anti-socialism and technology. But for now, I think technology is making our lives more efficient, social and interactive.

You can view this short Wall-e clip here:

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