Gaming in Education

Hi Everyone,

I have just been looking through a few of my fellow classmates blogs and I found a great idea that Laurenn has written in her blog. She writes about gaming in education. For my poll this week, this is going to be the subject of my question. It is “do you think gaming in education should be used more in classrooms?”. This is a quote that I have taken from Laurenn’s blog:

“Students learn by doing through education inspired by the structure and design principles of digital gaming, with increasingly complex challenges, games and quests. Feedback, knowledge sharing and reflection is a natural outcome of such play, resulting in the development of ‘real world’ skills.”

I completely agree with this statement and I believe that teachers should consider using more gaming concepts in their classroom. The Scientific American newspaper have studied this subject and found that:

“Nearly half of the teachers surveyed say it is the low-performing students who generally benefit from the use of games, and more than half believe games have the ability to motivate struggling and special education students” (Malykhina, 2014).

As this states, gaming in education can benefit lower performing students. Teachers should extend their ‘toolbelt’ and learn how gaming can make an impact on education. Anna has also blogged about gaming in education and has found that:

“I like to use Scootle to look for educational games, as it has a wide range of activities and resources across all curriculum areas.”

This is a short video from the Wall Street Journal and states that gaming in education can help students as it is mastery-based learning and performance feedback is given almost straight away. You can view the video here:

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