How Many Times Do You Check Your Phone?

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Hi Everyone,

On a very wet and cold Wednesday morning, I pulled into the University of Southern Queensland car park, like any other day, ready for whatever could be possibly thrown at me (not literally, figure of speech wise). I energetically walked into the auditorium ready for my lecture and sat down. Now, half way through the lecture, my lecturer was talking about pedagogy and education that was so inspiring and invigorating that it quite possibly could change my whole philosophy of education. When he had finished on the topic, I looked around and noticed something that devastated me. I was sitting nearer to the back of the auditorium, so I had quite a clear view of my others peers that are enrolled in the course.

What shocked me to my very core was that sixty percent of people (educated guess) were sitting in the lecture, off task, on their mobile devices. This means that these people missed out on this valuable information that could very well be used well into their future teaching careers. Now, I understand that sitting in a two hour lecture can be very hard to keep concentration, but I was quite disappointed that so many people disregarded this information. This led me to write a post and I am asking you, my followers, could technology be a big distraction, as well as a learning tool in education?

I researched how people use their phones in a normal day. Can you believe that the Daily Mail found that:

“Mobile users can’t leave their phone alone for six minutes and check it up to 150 times a day” (Spencer, 2013).

150 TIMES!!? I did the math (please don’t comment if it’s wrong) and that equates to people checking their phones every 9.6 minutes in one day. In a two hour lecture, a person will check their phone every 12.5 minutes. Another outraging statistic was found by the University Herald which conducted a technological survey to find that:

“University students on an average check their phones 11 times a day while in class, more than 80 per cent have reported that this tech fascination affects their learning and a fourth of the respondents admitted their grades have suffered as a result” (University Herald, 2015).

Eighty percent of students are affecting their own learning by checking their phone. From what I saw on Wednesday, I totally agree with this finding. Don’t get me wrong though, I believe technology does have a very important place in education, but there is definitely a time when it should be used. Have you been a victim to the flash of your phone screen when in class?





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