Okay, I don’t know about you but I love being on professional experience. With the increasing talk and buzz of our upcoming prac, I am really looking forward to May 18th! As I am completing this subject, I have so many more ideas, tips and resources that I have access to, to experiment with and see what works so one day I can use a lot of these tools in my own classroom. I also have a lot more confidence in using technology to better my teaching practice and leave students with a better learning experience. I was reading a past blog post from Makayla and she explains an app that Hayden first wrote about. It is a behaviour management app called ‘Too Noisy’ and it can sense the noise level in a classroom. The teacher is able to set a maximum noise level, and every time the students go over the set level, an alarm will sound. OMG! I have never thought how an app could help my behaviour management in the classroom. That is so cool!!

 This is the ‘Too Noisy’ interface:too noisy

As I was thinking back to my past pracs, I started reminiscing about my class of year 5/6’s. The year six students that I had briefly taught will now be in high school, and the year 5’s would be the seniors of their primary school! It’s all very exciting. I also started thinking about the number of lessons that I had designed. I could have made them so much more exciting and engaging if I had this knowledge of ICTs. I taught basically all subjects, and made the good ol’ PowerPoint and used the interactive whiteboard, but it didn’t even cross my mind how I could utilize the technological resources that were an arm’s reach away. An extremely cool ICT that my mentor teacher was already using was a camera that was attached to his desk, and the camera was linked to the projector and would project onto the whiteboard. So, basically in all subject areas, my mentor would use this camera to write, mark, grade and provide examples for students in a touch of a button. I used this as well one a few occasions and was surprised how this device actually aided in teaching.

There are so many educational resources that can be accessed in two minutes! I hope everyone finds the desire to search for some they can use on prac! It will make your time, and the student’s time, so much more engaging and fun!

I hope this has sparked an interest of ICTs in the classroom.

Thanks for reading my ramblings (#lol)




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