Up The River Without A Paddle…

Hi Everyone,

Some people say that when things get hard, they are going ‘up the river without a paddle’. However, in my case, the river is a raging torrent and I am pretty sure my boat has a leak. Okay, I am being a little bit dramatic, but before the holidays I felt like my uni work was on track and I was on top of things, maybe I was on a sugar rush (this is extremely possible) – I don’t know.

Now uni has returned, I feel like I am running a half marathon and I am on the sideline with a major leg cramp. I think it’s time to stop using imagery now – you get the picture. At least I am not the only one, Jessica states in her blog that she is feeling very much the same – I feel you Jess!

Now, onto the main point to my blog post, Brittany made a fascinating point which she has linked to Marianoble’s blog. It was about paper trails and whether if it is safe to become fully reliant on technology, or if students should still use paper to write notes.

I have researched this aspect and scientists have found through numerous studies that:


“Writing notes by hand is much better for long-term memory of ideas, or conceptual information” (Matteo, 2014)




“Researchers found that those who wrote their notes remembered conceptual information better a week later. Researchers believe that the students who wrote notes long-hand had a deeper understanding of ideas and concepts.” (Matteo, 2014)

taking note

Who else is guilty of this? 

I have never thought about the difference note-taking can have through the method in which it is undertaken. I type basically everything university related – maybe I should evaluate my life choices. What do you think? Which side are you on?


Thanks Everyone,




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