Curriculum into the Classroom

Hi There Everyone,

Okay, if you have ever asked anyone that is remotely involved in the education sector about the Curriculum into the Classroom (C2C) package, you will definitely get mixed feedback. I have certainly heard both ends of the spectrum. Within the professional experiences I have completed, I have not had the opportunity to use the C2C myself, however I would like to investigate further into the resources and information that is within the package and create my own opinions.

I was reading through Tegan’s blog who writes her opinions of the C2C and links her writing into Jess’s blog. Tegan has stated that the C2C is:

“Designed as a starting point for school curriculum planning, C2C is essentially a digital resource that can be adopted or adapted to meet individual student learning needs and to suit local school contexts.”

Tegan has summarised her and Jess’ findings and states:

Jess discusses and I have to agree that teachers need to know how to effectively plan a unit of work because the C2C has not done all of the work for them. When creating unit plans the C2C can be adapted in order to meet the students’ needs and cater for their level of ability.”

I totally agree with Tegan and Jess’ writing.

While considering assignment two, I believe it will be extremely beneficial for myself to learn how to effectively design and hopefully one day implement my unit plan that is ICT rich and ensure students are getting the most out of their education.

Only having created one unit plan before, I am looking forward to this assignment as it is a learning experience and an assessment at the same time. I can definitely take what I learn from this assessment and most definitely use it in my teaching career.

Thanks for reading,



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