Hi Everyone,

So, like Laurenn, I too am steadily running out of things to write about! However, I have just stumbled on her blog, and was really interested in her last post. She writes about a video that she has embedded – it is really worth checking out #highlyrecommend.

You can view the following video here:

How amazing would it be if we could utilise these technological resources into our future classrooms. How motivating and inspiring would it be for students to connect with people with similar interests and learning outcomes. I for one will really hope this can one day become embedded into the modern education classroom.

Kerry has also emphasised this in her blog when she writes about learning spaces and how important they are in relation to student’s self-esteem and motivation to learn. She writes:

“I can’t wait to create a classroom space with lots of colour, inspirational pictures and inviting spaces where students feel that their learning and sense of belonging are very important to me.”

I agree with you Kerry, I cannot wait to display artwork and innovate spaces within my future classroom. I remember when I was in year three, my teacher was very creative. I loved walking into the classroom because there was something new added every day and I always felt so happy in my learning space – maybe because she used A LOT of yellow and warm colours.

Did you know that the colour yellow psychologically makes people feel happier when they see it? #funfactfortheday 

This is an example of innovative learning spaces, how amazing is this early years classroom!?


There are many more like these in this website from classrooms around the world. Some of the designs that teachers have improvised will blow you away! You can view this link here:

Would anyone like to share their past experiences with different learning spaces within the classroom?




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