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River Deep, Mountain High!

Hi Everyone,

Okay, I am a big believer of going ‘green’, and I am not talking about going green relating to the Hulk (I just watched the latest Avengers by the way, it was epic!! #MustSee). I am talking about our carbon footprint!

Ever since I have left school, I have tried my best to save paper. I have literally completed my whole university degree so far from my computer. Not only is it much easier for me to type notes, keep everything saved and highlight/bold important information, I am saving so much paper and trees at the same time! Maybe I should become a superhero on the side of my university work?

Marianne has also converted to the digital world of university this year. She states

“My book usage decreased to zero, and I have adapted to saving all of my modules onto my Mac book and can easily access them for assignments etc. So I have now fully adapted to using ICT and using zero paper.”

This is awesome work Marianne!! I’m am really proud of your effort to go green!!

Lily and Tayla have also written about this modern day issue, but have related their blogs to achieving a paperless classroom. If you haven’t read it, you should definitely check it out! I hope to one day try and achieve a ‘paperless classroom’.

Lily recounts what her mentor would do on her professional experience. She states that

“On Practical experience, my teacher would sometimes have a worksheet shown on the overhead projector and the students would write the answers down into their books. This method enabled her to save paper on worksheets”

Tayla has also commented on her thoughts on teachers using projectors and computer to cut down on worksheets and handouts. She states:

“While classrooms may not become completely paperless, using this approach is sure to cut down on excessive paper while allow students to create more dynamic records of their work, research and ideas.”

This is a great YouTube video that demonstrates how you can reduce your carbon footprint – I think it is worth the two minutes.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with going green? Or, do you believe in a more traditional, worksheet pedagogy?

I would love to hear from you.




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Cyber Bullying #StopTheHate

Hi Everyone,

I was perusing through some blog posts that have been written and I have come across a contentious issue that both Missahunt and Tegan have blogged about. This issue is Cybersafety. Missahunt describes how

“bullying is a big problem in schools, and something that we, as teachers, must be aware of and actively educating our students about”

I remember when I was in school, each student received a personal laptop computer to use within class and at home. Before we were able to receive our laptops, we had to sign a legal document stating that we would ensure we were cyber safe at all times, and if we broke this contract our laptop was taken away from us – we would have had to hand write everything once more #cavemanstyle.

I agree with Missahunt where she states that it is:

“essential that students understand cyber bullying, as it is not something that can be seen by outside parties, and it is a form of bullying that students most often use outside of school.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! I believe cyber bullying is as crucial or even more detrimental than physical bullying as you are open to the comments from people around the world and keyboard warriors are out there to cause harm to people.

Tegan also states that:

“It is essential for students to understand cyber bullying and ways in which they can deal with it.”

I believe that to overcome the effects cyber bullying can have on people, teachers must educate students on ways to deal with cyber bullying. This is more important than ever, as more and more students are connecting to the internet at a much earlier age, they are leaving themselves open to online predators.

This is a very powerful YouTube clip that uses a metaphor for cyberbullying as a virus to humans.

If you know someone, or have had to deal with cyber bullying previously, we must all advocate to stop this epidemic to ensure our friends and family are safe and supported.

These links can help if you know someone that is suffering from cyber bullying.




I hope everyone can take the time out of their day to say something nice to someone – you never know how much it can help!

Thanks for reading,



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