Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows, Everything that’s wonderful… – Apart from this post!

Hi Everyone,

Okay, this title may seem like a happy post, but I am warning you now, I have to think of happy thoughts before I throw my computer out the window. Scrolling through my followers blog posts, I came across a post that was made by Nicole, where she talks about Hayley‘s original post. She spoke about her pet hates of ICT. Her comprehensive list is as follows:

  1. When they don’t work – specifically USQs StudyDesk that crashes probably once a day. Get it together!
  2. When they change something that had no problems in the first place – also referring to USQs StudyDesk where they changed the Assignment submission/results system when EASE was perfect as is. The new system is crud and is one of the main reasons why StudyDesk is crashing!
  3. When you can’t work them out; When you change all the settings and press all the buttons you can think of but it just doesn’t work the way you want it to.
  4. When they overrule people’s lives and you can’t talk to someone without their face being stuck in their laptop/phone.
  5. How they very often just provide as a means for procrastinating and only starting an assignment 2 days before it’s due.
  6. Last, but most importantly, is that I HATE it when companies make ‘new’ or ‘upgraded’ technology when they haven’t even perfected it the first time.

Even though most of these are about USQ’s StudyDesk, I have definitely got things to add to this list, while refraining to comment about the StudyDesk!! These include, but are not limited to:

  1. When my device decide to shut down unexpectedly and the things you are working on DOES NOT save!!!! – Definite tears and tantrums.
  2. When the glare of the sun shines on my phone screen and I cannot see a thing – two things can happen here, either you accidently do something like send a very jiberish-ed text to a random, or you look like a complete crazy person with your face screwed up and your eyes squinting to try and read the words on your screen – #FirstWorldProblems #ITellYa
  3. When my laptop charger chooses the absolute best time to stop working mid-semester. So, I had no laptop, no charger and the resolution to this was a hefty $60 to actually buy a charger that fit my computer – apparently Samsung don’t manufacture laptops anymore….. Not to mention how many times I have had to buy another iPhone charger due to the cord breaking
  4. Finally, the depressing moment when I just finish updating my computer, only to have ten more updates waiting for me the very next day! Why so many updates? It is a definite time waster, and a procrastination booster. I always find myself saying, well my computer is updating, therefore it will have to restart, therefore I better not start my work until it has finished updating in two hours’ time.

So, this is my list of pet-peeves with ICT. Does anyone else have anything to add?? I am sure we can find 100 bullet points of ICT going wrong by the end of the semester. What do you think?




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