Yay for Stress! #TotalSarcasm

Hi Bloggers,

Upon reading Michaela’s blog, she has written a very very very relevant blog post about stress – I totally feel you there Michaela! I too think I need to invest in some “I’m not sleeping glasses”. A little snippet from her blog post goes like this:

“I still have more than half of my assessments to complete- 6 to be exact, including an exam as well as a three week placement which will take up the majority of that 5 week period, essentially leaving me with 2 weeks to complete 6 assessments!?”

If you haven’t read her blog post already, I would totally recommend it! It left me feeling like I am not the only one that is crying on the inside about the number of assessments we have left, as well as the processes of a three week prac. Also, fun fact for the day – the Sydney Morning Herald have reported that:

“Studies have shown one-fifth of Australian university students are diagnose with serious mental illnesses during their course.”


Is this saying something? Continuing with this trend, they also state that:

“Distressed students were mostly under-graduates in their second, third or fourth year, aged between 18 and 34.”

Universities around Australia have pushed for more students to receive youth allowances to help them cope with the pressures of modern life. YES PLEASE! I work two part-time jobs while studying full time and try to have a somewhat social life on the side. You just gotta do what you gotta do….

My good friends Google has provided me with 10 steps to deal with stress which include:

  1. Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine.

  2. Indulge in Physical Activity

  3. Get More Sleep

  4. Try Relaxation Techniques

  5. Talk to Someone

  6. Keep a Stress Diary

  7. Take Control

  8. Manage Your Time

  9. Learn to Say ‘No’

  10. Rest If You Are Ill

I definitely need some more of number three! And, I feel that if I had less going on at the moment, I could do number eight much better.

The American Institute of Stress has made a great comment which states:

what is your experience of your life? Are you taking time to appreciate what you’re working so hard to accomplish or are you just speeding through in order to tackle the next item on your to-do list?

Just remember why we are completing our course! The stress will be worth it!I hope this helps everyone! Just remember, WE CAN DO IT!!!!




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