I’m Connected.ed #Finally

Hi Everyone,

I am on the catch up, once again! I am usually hyper organised with all of my required work, and it is almost always done by the end of the week. However the past two weeks have had me shaking in my boots! I have had three assignments due within the past week and a half, work related shifts and meetings and to top it off, I have been away at the coast for the long weekend (it seemed like such a great idea last week, now, not so much). So, my assignments quite quickly became my main priority, pushing back everything else. So, here goes!

But I will have you know, I AM FINALLY UP TO DATE AND CONNECT.ED!!

I bit the bullet, sat down and worked through everything that I had to complete before going on prac – which will be another instance in which my normal work gets pushed back for next week. I finally have completed all learning path activities for ICT and have also completed the Connect.ed modules #HappyDance.

I was quite surprised to be honest. when completing the simulations within the Connect.ed modules, it very quickly took me back to late primary school when MSN became the new craze. With some impulsivity and peer pressure, I joined the band wagon and signed up for an MSN account. Now, this may have seemed like a great thing at the time, however the more I used it, the more I was exposed to cyber bullying from other peers within my class. I de-activitated my account quicker than when I signed up, the community of pre-adolescent, twelve year olds was definitely not for me. And, it was quite a good thing – because all those who were ‘leading’ the pack of cyber bullies got quite harsh punishments – it definitely paid off for doing the smart thing.

Now, a few of you may be saying – where is he going with this? But, if you have completed the Connect.ed modules, you will find that the simulations are reality for most teenagers and have experienced something like this within their lives – either at school or within the open, virtual world.

Something that surprised me when completing the modules were the statistics of age groups using different forms of ICT. According to Cyber Smart, they have found that:

“Nearly half a millions teens went online with their mobiles in June 2013 – and that number is increasing every year.”

For #Gensmartphone, they are at a much larger risk of cyber bullying than when I was at school – I only had to worry about my contacts within MSN, for the short time I did have it. However, Cyber Smart have stated that

“42% of teenager use a form of social networking”

This is a major factor that we as future teachers must be aware of. We need to start educating children on cyber safety to ensure their futures are not impacted on – as they say, once it is on the internet, it never goes away.

You should also check out some of my peers blogs! BrittanyTegan and Jessica  have blogged about this issue and provide excellent insights.

Here are some websites that we can use to educate children – maybe on professional experience? Your mentor may think it is just as important.





I hope you think cyber safety is such an important issues that we must be teaching our students!

Thanks very much,



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