First Day Done and Dusted!

Hi To My Followers,

As you all should be quite aware, the first day of prac was today, the 18th May. The start of my day had me quite nervous, feeling anxious and to top it off, I had very high stress levels (for those of you who know me, this really isn’t a surprise at all). I was not able to visit my professional experience site prior to my start date, so it was all a very new experience for me, especially not knowing anyone else that was also attending the same school as myself was quite daunting.

When I had signed in, a group of very nice office ladies greeted me with a warm smile and showed me to the staff room where I met an array of friendly staff members – all very keen to find out information about my uni and general information about me. This was a great feeling, I felt like I was apart of the school community, even if I had only been there for five minutes. This start to the morning really allowed me to feel welcome into the school and had me feeling at ease.

I then met my mentor and went through the usual introductory information. I inquired what ICTs that were available at the school and it looks like there is an Interactive White Board and a couple of computers within my classroom. I am planning to take my own iPad into the school to use with lessons to add to my ICT resources.

Following on from this discussion, the school bell rung and the time had come – I was going to meet my class! I walked with my mentor to two rows of 25 students. I met each student and they were extremely nice and happy to have me in their classroom. I was greeted with initial questions like “How old are you?”, “How many people are in your family?”, “Do you live at your school?”. They were very interested, which I think is a good thing.

I am really looking forward to the next three weeks! I can’t wait to teach my first lesson.

If you would like to read other encounters of first day of prac, then definitely head over to Tayla’s Blog and Tracey’s Blog – you’ll find some great blog posts.

Thanks for reading,



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