Revisiting Professional Experience: Before and After!

Hi Everyone,

Uni is a total balancing act!

Before the commencement of professional experience, the week 9 Learning Path asked everyone to write the top 2 fears or challenges you were feeling. I have tracked my response down and this is what I wrote:

The top two challenges that I have about my future EDC3100 Professional Experience are:

1. Having the ability to design at least 5 ICT-based lessons! I have no idea what grade level I am in, nor do I know what school I have been placed in. And I doubt I will know until a week prior. I hoped I would have been able to get a few weeks notice so I could meet my mentor and pre-plan the lessons and content that they wish for me to teach. Then, I could have actually sat down and plan these lessons with engaging and exciting ICTs. I feel if my mentor gives me one night to prepare for my lessons (which has happened on my last two PEs), I will have more of a focus on the content rather than ICT – but I am keeping positive that I will be fine.

2. Secondly, another fear that I have for my future prac is becoming really far behind with my uni work. I finish prac on the 5th of June, and I have three assignments due straight after prac. I just hope I have the time to design and create ICT-rich lessons and deliver the necessary content and also try and fit in assignment work at some stage within the three weeks.

Upon reflection, I made it! I successfully used ICTs in my professional experience, transforming the students learning. It was a big learning curve for me, especially using an Interactive White Board. I complete overcame this fear and feel like I am able to use and integrate effective ICTs into my future professional experiences. I had such a great time and learnt so much! I feel like I am definitely more aware of ICTs and technology in the classroom. I think one things teachers in general have to improve on is actually using the vast amounts of resources that are available to use – especially ICTs.

However, fear number 2 definitely came true. I was very, very, very far behind in my assignment work when I had finished professional experience. I just have to keep chipping away, one assignment at a time. This is now my mission – finishing all assignments!!! The light is at the end of the tunnel!!

If you would like to read about others’ experiences on professional experience, Kerry and Laurenn have written great posts about it.




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