ICT Is Good For the Environment? #Winning!

Hi Everyone,

So, as this course has proved numerous times, ICT is essential in the modern education classroom. It provides further learning opportunities for students, allows for an inclusive classroom and caters for all learners. ICT is a win, win! However, did you know that ICT is also helping the environment? I didn’t until I came across this article. While reading the research that this article proposes, I found two statistics that really surprised me! It states:

“The report, SMARTer2030, shows that as smart phones, networked sensors, smart grids and other ICT devices become faster, cheaper and more available globally, they have the potential to deliver profound environmental, economic and social benefits.” (eGov Innovation, 2015)

“These include a 20 percent reduction of global carbon emissions by 2030, over $11 trillion dollars in new economic benefits, the ability to extend e-healthcare to an additional 1.6 billion more people worldwide, and an estimated 30 percent increase in agriculture yields.” (eGov Innovation, 2015).

These statistics are crazy! $11 trillion dollars in economic benefits in 15 years? I for one try to do all I can to help the environment. I guess now I have an excuse to use my ICT devices a lot more now? Will anyone believe that?




eGov innovation. (2015). ICT can Fast-track Solutions to Global Warming. Retrieved June 14, 2015, from http://enterpriseinnovation.net/article/study-ict-can-fastback-solutions-global-warming-718214165

Technology Green Energy. (2015). Help Our Environment [Image]. Retrieved June 14, 2015, from http://technologygreenenergy.com/help-our-environmen/ 


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