The Interactive White Board!

Hi Everyone,

I am writing a post about the interactive white board as it was my saviour on professional experience. I didn’t think I would rely on such a resource so much! Literally every lesson I was using it to play interactive games, I asked students to manipulate shapes and many more resources were used to enhance student learning. I never know the plethora of activities and resources that are available on the internet for the use of the IWB.

For those of you who aren’t aware of what an interactive white board is, it is basically a normal white board however the screen is touch sensitive and can be manipulated through different actions. Pretty cool stuff!! I found that:

“In September 2008, Newsweek magazine reported that more than 70% of primary and secondary schools in the U.K. have interactive whiteboards compared to only 16% in the U.S.” (NEA Member Benefits, 2015).

I think that all schools should utilise this resource. The students respond very well to it and it makes lessons much more engaging. This is a quick example of how Interactive White Boards can be used.

I loved using the interactive white board. As did Michaela. If you would like to read her blog post about her IWB experiences, follow this link.

Thanks Everyone,



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