This is It!

Hi Everyone,

As per the featured image, this is what I look like right now! I am so happy to have completed this course!

This may very well be my last blog post, ever! It is quite saddening because I had quite a lot of fun blogging and sharing what I find with my followers. This semester has been one of the busiest, most stressful semesters I have ever completed though! I have enjoyed the ride, sometimes (#lol). I just hope that everything goes smoothly from now. Fingers crossed I am ready and prepared for my upcoming exam and when my grades come back, I hope all the hard work and stress was worth it.

I think this course had many positives. I really enjoyed the Learning Path and how it was broken into small sections. It definitely motivated me to finish the work so I could see a tick in the box. Maybe I’m just a little too OCD and MUST see a tick – no exceptions. And I learnt SO much! I am far more confident in teaching a class of students and using ICTs to enhance their learning.

For now, after my exam I’ll be on holidays!! Say hello to stress-free days, doing what I have wanted to do since the start of semester and sleep-ins! I cannot wait!

Many others students have written good bye posts. I really enjoyed reading Hayley’s and Laurenn’s blog posts. Definitely check them out.

Well, THIS IS IT!!

Thanks everyone for a great semester.

Bye for now!



Reaction Gifs. (2014). Minions Cheering (Despicable Me) [Image]. Retrieved June 14, 2015, from  


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